2 July 2018
Kasparian Tape#2

On continue avec la Tape n°2 de Michel Kasparian qui mélange ses meilleures trouvailles Indé Rock, Synth-pop, New Wave , 70’s…


1. Intro-prana x Dada “Age Of Confusion”
2. Cathedral Of Tears “Black Emotion”
3. Utopia “Trapped”
4. TMBG “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”
5. The Tornados “Locomotion With Me”
6. The Wait “Moving In”
7. Tonic “Marilyn En Jean”
8. Antimation “Galaxy”
9. Les Tétines Noires “Marônium”
10. Alan Shearer “The Heart Patrol”
11. The Electronic Circus “Direct Lines”
12. The Bien “Huge Box”
13. Frank Zappa “The Crab-Grass Baby”
14. The Residents “Mousetrap”